The Anchorage

Two thousand years ago, one of the first Christians described Jesus Christ as an anchor for the soul, a hope that was steadfast and sure. Jesus was a source of hope because he was the presence among us of both the world’s origin and its destiny.

Since then, millions of people have found Jesus to be the anchor in their own lives. They have joined a family of all nationalities and races to become more fully alive as they explore the hope he brings, in community, through study and worship and in acts of service.

The Anchorage is one little branch of that family, a church for students in the heart of London. It’s a contemporary church for young people, set up by the historic, established Church of England. Come and join us to learn more about living life that is transformed by a hope that is steadfast and sure.

Every Sunday at 5:00pm at LSE Faith Centre, which is on the second floor of the LSE Saw Swee Hock Building on Sheffield Street.