Bishop Jonathan joins the Sunset Walk to East London Mosque

Bishop Jonathan joins the Sunset Walk to East London Mosque

Sunset walk to East London Mosque

Muslim, Christian and Jewish faith leaders came together on Saturday 10 June 2017 to walk from St Paul’s Cathedral to the East London Mosque. The Bishop of Fulham and representatives of the Muslim Council of Britain joined the London Sunset Walk to recognise the good works that people of faith do to support those less fortunate around the world, including refugees and displaced peoples.

The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker, the Bishop of Fulham, and Canon Tricia Hillas of St Paul’s Cathedral, greeted the walkers at St Paul’s and joined the early evening walk to the East London Mosque, where they shared in an iftar, the evening meal to end the Ramadan fast at sunset.  At the Mosque, they were joined by Leon Silver, President of the East London Central Synagogue.

Later at the Mosque, the Rt Revd Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Fulham, said:

“We are walking together to remember victims of religious violence around the world and especially victims of the appalling attacks in the capital last week. Religious extremism is a global problem, and I would reaffirm what the Archbishop of Canterbury said last week – it is the responsibility of faith leaders to counter extremism within our ranks. I hope the world will take inspiration from East London, where Christians, Muslims, Jews and others live, work and worship side by side, using every day to strengthen the bonds between our communities.”